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Read the history of the Tarrs #BeforeDefiance Returns June 19 on Syfy. 

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"Human, why you do this for?" [x]

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100% of people who tell you you’re too sensitive are saying it because they don’t want to be held responsible for your reaction when they mistreat you


Perfect slogan for a milk company. [x]



Robotic recreation of the Kangaroo form put together by Festo to demonstrate energy-efficient movement (this was initially announced on April the 1st, but turns out to be real) - video embedded below:

With the BionicKangaroo, Festo has technologically reproduced the unique way a kangaroo moves. Like its natural model, it can recover the energy when jumping, store it and efficiently use it for the next jump.

On the artificial kangaroo, Festo intelligently combines pneumatic and electrical drive technology to produce a highly dynamic system. The stable jump kinematics plus the precise control technology ensure stability when jumping and landing. The consistent lightweight construction facilitates the unique jumping behaviour. The system is controlled by gestures.

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